In today’s world, many cases, cutting across varied subject matter areas, involve complex and sophisticated technology. The trial lawyer’s ability to understand and communicate the associated intricacies and difficult concepts often means the difference between winning and losing.  Copeland & Rice lawyers have successfully handled many such technologically sophisticated cases.  We know that complex ideas can and must be taught to juries in an understandable and commonsense way, and we recognize the importance of using exceptional expert witnesses and excellent demonstrative evidence and aids.

Examples of our experience in this area include:

  • Represented a telecommunications company in a patent infringement suit involving complex technology, alleged system wide infringement claims, and substantial damage claims; the case was successfully resolved when the Court granted a pretrial motion, resulting in the dismissal of all infringement claims on the eve of trial.
  • As co-counsel, represented the inventor of a method of trimming sprayed on truck bed liners in a suit against 15 defendants.  Settlements were reached with all defendants resulting in a favorable outcome for our client.
  • Represented the inventor of a method of manufacturing liquid crystal displays suitable for use in large screen televisions against a manufacturer of LCD televisions and a component manufacturer.  The case was successfully resolved on the eve of trial.

Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.