Gwen Samora’s Amicus Brief Supported Reversal Of $450 Million Appellate Verdict

The Copeland & Rice LLP team has spent their careers serving energy clients in high-profile matters. For Throwback Thursday, we’re looking back on the epic legal battle between Enterprise and Energy Transfer.

After the initial verdict was made, the Dallas Court of Appeals reversed and rendered a take-nothing judgment for Enterprise. When Energy Transfer filed a petition for review, Gwen Samora was retained by Plains Pipeline to file an amicus brief in The Texas Supreme Court in support of Enterprise’s position that no partnership was ever formed between the two companies.

Plains argued to the Texas Supreme Court, in support of Enterprise, that the Dallas Court of Appeals’ opinion should be affirmed and was supported by general contract and partnership principles as well as decisions from other jurisdictions.

The Texas Supreme Court issued its decision affirming the judgment for Enterprise in January of 2020.